GWALLDESIGN is the culmination of years of hard work. It is a destination for potential clients & employers to view past successes and envision future possibilities.

Over the years, I have worked and collaborated with several popular entertainment corporations, licenses, and brands. My work has been featured in several well-known print & online publications such as Elle, Nylon, Complex and Hypebeast; television programming on networks MTV, VH1, and The Travel Channel; and global corporations LucasFilm, Marvel, Nintendo, Nickelodeon and Disney.

My Story

I am Garry Wallace, known to many as "G-WaLL” or “GtotheWaLL”, and proudly stand behind the work of GWALLDESIGN.  With a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts, and have worked in various areas of art and design, starting at the age of thirteen.  Never settling for only knowing the bare minimum, I set out to learn as many angles of the craft as possible, in order to become as versatile of a designer as possible.

While attending Syracuse University, I took a more frowned upon approach to my education, as seen by many of my traditional professors.  Rather than go through the motions of only sticking strictly to the curriculum, I began teaching myself every computer-based art program I could get my hands on, understanding that the digital realm would be just as important as my traditional education.  Early in the process, I experimented using digital techniques and infused them into my personal projects and class assignments.  By the end of my college career, I graduated with a deeper understanding of the direction my art and design was headed. 

Being the Creative Director, Chief Designer and Co-Owner of the New York City brand Flud, from 2007 - 2015, tested that very understanding.  I not only conceptualized and designed all of Flud's expanded product collections including watches, wallets, bags, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, licensed and collaborative products, but I also developed and designed all print collateral, web and social media marketing materials, packaging, and virtually any visual aid needed for the company's growth and success.  Having to wear so many hats at once, gave me a greater respect for the creative process and forced me to be effectively efficient.

Experiences working with companies spanning 10,000 employees to a small team of three, has given me the opportunity to learn, adjust, and adapt to various teamwork and leadership roles. Time and time again I have proven my ability to learn quickly and utilize my knowledge to successfully execute my creative tasks, while taking the necessary time to learn new techniques to further build upon my skills.

Always living to keep busy, I execute all freelance opportunities with the goal of providing my clients with clean, professional, and efficient design solutions.  With a versatile skill set I have been able to evolve, quickly learn, and apply with every new opportunity, to successfully meet deadlines, and confidently submit a finished product that meets and/or exceeds my clients' expectations.

In my spare time I like to create music, watch movies, expand on my vast film collection, cook, read, write, explore the corners of New York City, and learn and develop new artistic skills.  To view my extended resume, please visit my profile on LinkedIn or request a PDF version through my contact page or by clicking the button below.


2015-2019: Accutime (Senior Product Development Coordinator)

2015-2017: FanRave (Freelance Creative Director & Designer)

2015: Accessawear (Freelance Accessory Designer)

2007-2015: FLuD (Creative Director & Chief Designer)

2007-2010: M.Z. Berger & Co. (Designer & Merchandiser)

2003-2007: UniFirst Corporation (Communications Designer)

2004-2005: Syracuse University School of Visual & Performing Arts (Teacher's Design Assistant)

2002-2005: Syracuse University Office of Off-Campus & Commuter Services (Designer)

2001-2002: Enswers (Junior Web Designer)

2000: The Boston Group (Office Assistant & Design Apprentice)

1997-1999: Artists for Humanity (Youth Enterprise Artist)


2001-2005: Syracuse University (BFA: Illustration Major/Writing Minor)