Design for the non-designer

If you design anything, whether it is a physical product, website, logo, etc, you have been asked the all too familiar: "How much would it be to design...?"  Usually that question is not accompanied with any actual information on what exactly needs to be done.  That's like asking an architect to give you a quote for building a house, without knowing where the house will be built, how soon it's needed, how many rooms, and the list goes on for days.  It can be frustrating to say the least.  Well, there is a very good blog article from an accomplished designer by the name of Graham Smith aka:


It will be able to  put some of this into perspective for non-designers, who may need the help of someone in the field at some point in time.

Click here to view this article.  It's sure to get an "ohhhh yeaaaah," response out of most.