"Where we're going we don't need...roads."

As mentioned previously I've never really been a "sneaker head," nor paid much attention to those trends because realistically it never really benefited me in any way.  Actually, more times than not, I walk a couple of feet out of the local footlocker and say to myself, "what did I just do?"  Spent money on sneakers that will inevitably get ruined faster than they can be put on.

But this year, there is actually one pair of sneakers that are supposed to arrive and I simply must find a way to acquire them.  The Nike Air Mags, otherwise know as the Marty McFly's.  Back to the Future II is my all time favorite of the trilogy as a child and now as an adult.  I've always been a bit of a movie geek, but an even larger science fiction geek.  I mean, shit...I asked "Santa" for a Hoverboard four Christmas' in a row! 

According to many sources, Nike was actually granted a patent for the "power lace" system seen in the film.  So could I possibly go to a store and pick myself up a pair of power lacing Nike Air Mags later on this year?!  I certainly hope so.  Now, I won't be camping out like a junkie for a pair of kicks, but I am considering spending some hard earned money to have this iconic footwear.  Here are the technical patent sketches.  I feel like I'm five years old again!