Back to the Future is now back in the past...

As much of the world was aware a couple of days ago, October 21, 2015, is also the date in which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travel to after the opening credits of Back to the Future II, released back in 1989.

Back in January, I mentioned my love for the Nike Air Mag concept and was both excited and interested to see if the sneaker with the power laces would actually come to be reality.  As the months closed in on this iconic date, aa buzz started swirling that the sneaker would be unveiled and it was, in dramatic fashion.  First a short video shows actor Michael J. Fox with his own pair, as he is coached on how they actually work.  This news nearly broke the internet and I nearly had a fit, because those creative bastards at Nike actually did it!  I mean, let's be honest though, we all have mini computers in our pockets that can pretty much take care of half of our daily function, so making something like this, doesn't seem so far fetched.  But the fact that they accomplished this by the date stated in the film was great.

a video from Complex Magazine helping the buzz on the new 2015 Nike Air Mag.

Now, I've been a fan of Jimmy Kimmel and his antics even back when he was providing his voice for some of the iconic characters of Comedy Central series Crank Yankers.  But Jimmy absolutely blew the roof off when he did a skit with Fox and Lloyd seen below.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.

Later on in the show, Michael J. Fox comes out for an interview with Jimmy and dons the first official pair of self-lacing Nike Air Mags.  If only I were dreaming....

Now the biggest kick in the ass.... I've wanted a pair of these since I saw the film in the theater when I was only six years old.  I patiently wait and boom, 2011 rolls around and they release a limited number of these sneakers, but they all go up for auction and of course, anyone with a reasonable amount of "dispensable income" can even consider getting a pair... Fine, they're not even power lacing, I can do without a pair.  In my mind, they'll release them in the future for the general public.  Then 26 years after I see the film, smack!!!  Here they are again, but this time with power laces!  I said to myself and to some friends and family that I've never waited outside on a line for anything, but if they made these for the public, I'm getting a tent and a fleet of snacks, because I'm getting these sneakers even if the were hundreds of dollars...wrong again.  Apparently Nike released a statement saying that once again these will be up for auction in there go my chances once again to obtain a piece of art and history.  Nike, for once, stop toying with my emotions.  It's bad enough I have a size 14 and can barely get any sneakers in store as it is, let alone a "collector's edition."  If I pay upwards of $1000 can I get a pair of Air Mags in a 14?