After 32 years, the Force is awakened!!


Last night Saturday December, 19 2015; after 32 years, I finally got to see a story I watched a memorized as a child, carried out to the next phase of progression.  After the unfolding events of Episode VI "The Return of the Jedi," most left the story feeling a sense of completion with a more than happy ending.  Han and Leia deactivate the deflector shield of the Deathstar and can finally be together, Lando Calrissian and his fighter squad destroy the Deathstar from the inside out, can finally be in love, Luke faces his father Darth Vader, proves that there is still good in him, gets Darth to throw the Emperor into the depths of the Deathstar and wants to see Luke with his own eyes right before he dies.  Then there are the fans like me that still ask the question.... so what now?  What happens now that Luke is a Jedi and Leia is discovered to be his twin sister, especially since the force is strong within the family?  What about the remaining imperial soldiers and storm troopers?  Do they just abandon their stance as an empire or go find work at the local post office?  What happened to Lando and the rest of the Rebel fleet?  There is nothing left to fight for since the Deathstar and empire is defeated right?

Well in my last post I took what I saw from the various trailers for The Force Awakens and deduced several possible plot points.  First let's visit the possible characters' family lineage.

As mentioned in my previous post about the possibilities of a family connection.  It turns out my guess was correct in regards to new villain Kylo Ren.  Kylo Ren is in fact the son of Han Solo and General Leia, and was in fact an apprentice of his uncle Luke Skywalker.  As discovered in one of Han Solo's last scenes, Kylo Ren's real name is Ben, most likely named after Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi.  However in some turn of events that haven't really been spoken about in detail, Kylo turned to the darkside.  As mentioned in the opening crawl of the film, Luke had gone into hiding and there is a map that the new empire (called The First Order) is searching for in order to destroy Luke Skywalker as he is the last remaining Jedi.

Now that the family tree has been revealed, what about the other main characters Rey and Finn?

Now that the family tree has been revealed, what about the other main characters Rey and Finn?

Initially I had guessed that Rey was also a child of Han and Leia, and being that she gets an opportunity to meet and interact with both during the course of the film, it is still not revealed as to who her parents are.  There is a scene where she has a flashback to herself as a child with whoever her family may have been leaving the planet Jakku in a ship and flying away.  I still believe that she is a child of Han and Leia, and that similarly to how Luke and Leia were separated and hidden at birth, that possibly Kylo Ren and Rey were also siblings separated almost as a failsafe to keep one safe in case one went sour, which Kylo Ren did!  Also, it is clear by the events of the film that Rey has a very strong connection with the force.  Not only did she resist Kylo Ren's attempts to use the darkside to extract information from Rey, she pretty much threw the light side of the force right back at him.  She also managed to use the force to get a storm trooper to release her from her cell and eventually use the force to "force grab" a lightsaber from the reach of Kylo Ren.  I think that Kylo was born first, sent to Luke to train and then Han and Leia had Rey.  As Kylo was on his way towards the dark side, Han and Leia figured it was in the best interest of Rey to hide her from Kylo and the potential of being swayed towards the dark side.

As for Finn (Storm Trooper #FN2187), he mentioned how he was stolen from his family as a boy and programmed to be a soldier of the First Order, but on his first mission he couldn't kill for them and wanted out.  His origins will remain a mystery until episode VIII, however I'm clinging to the hopes that he is somehow an offspring of the one and only smooth talking Cloud City General Lando Calrissian.  Although the trailers may have eluded to Finn being a possible Jedi, it turns out that in episode VII he was not, however I hope that he decides to do what he can to learn the ways of the force to aid Rey in her future quests.  Also, since they may very well become a younger pair like Han and Leia.

Now to break to one of the bleeping and blooping stars of the film, little quirky astromech droid, BB-8!  This little guy is full of surprises and really steals his scenes.  Regardless of the fact that beeps cannot be understood, the effects teams behind this film did a great job of accentuating his expressions via his movements, and prompted the correct responses from the audience.

Poe Dameron played by Oscar Isaac was just an all out bad ass pilot with very little explanation as to his importance, but he managed to resist the dark side influence of Kylo Ren who seems to be quite powerful, considering he used the force to stop a blaster laser in mid flight and hold it in place for the better part of two minutes without breaking a sweat.  Hopefully Poe also plays a bigger picture in future stories and possibly learns some of the ways of the force himself.

I can't wait to see what comes next and get answers as to the linage of Rey, Finn, why R2-D2 had the majority of the map containing Luke's whereabouts? Who is Snoke the "Supreme Leader" and where did he arise from?  Of what significance is the character that Max Von Sydow plays at the beginning of the film?  What happened to Captain Phasma, because she wasn't as epic as I had anticipated? And how did little and wise Maz Kantana get Luke's lightsaber that Luke lost in the end of Empire Strikes Back after Vader cut off his hand?! By the way, who noticed the Mandalorian symbol on one of the flags outside of Maz's watering hole? 

I guess we'll have to wait until the release of Episode VIII in May of 2017 for at least some of the answers.