The reason behind the GWaLLeeZy

There has always been a method for my madness, in virtually everything I do.  So why "waste" my time sketching up a sneaker design?  Sneakers are items that are not synonymous with my character.  I may be misunderstood, disliked, or disapproved of because of my popular cultural differences.  However, there is a very grounded reason.

Growing up as an only child in a home that values the all mighty dollar, popular sneakers and material items were not priority.  Coming from parents with roots of significant struggle and adversity, the main focus within the household was education.  Along with sneakers having ridiculous retail prices, my feet were constantly growing.  Put it this way, I had a size 14 sneaker at age 14, so you can imagine the rate of growth I went through before that age.  The clearance rack became the first stop in any store for sneakers or clothes, and soon became regularly visited, so as a result, idolizing the next pair of Jordan's was moved to the bottom of the list.  I also went to a private school until I was 12, so a uniform was a part of my everyday "style."  Sneakers were a weekend and after school luxury.

Now to the reason I decided to try something I've never tried before, for an item of which I typically steer clear.  Too many times I observe people spewing out their opinions (usually negative) about various topics of which they feel they are somehow experts.  Whether it is a new album that someone spent hours writing, composing, performing, and practicing, or a new movie that someone put their blood sweat and tears developing; if you are going to publicly give your opinion, I feel it is just as necessary to show how you would have made it "better," at least to support your claim.  If a scene in a movie made you feel a certain way, and you want to express your opinion, pick up a pen and re-write the scene, or storyboard a new one.  Don't step into the ring with Ali and think you can box.

I personally don't like the look of the new Yeezy Boost by Kanye West x Adidas, but I'm willing to give designing my interpretation to back up my position, and I encourage anyone to do the same.  A detailed view of my design can be seen here.