My Dad Had Swag Before Swag Was Swag

So as many people know, Adidas released their Superstar Supercolor pack yesterday - March 27, 2015.  I've been actually excited about this because my ONLY intent was to possess an orange pair just to continue my love and support for my Alma Mater, Syracuse University.

I woke up, saw that someone had posted about the release, went to the Adidas mobile site, saw they had my rare size 14 available and of course clicked PURCHASE.  I then called my father to share my purchase.  He laughed and actually was amused that every square centimeter was monochromatic. 

I then told him that I'm sure people are going to take it further than it should go, and purchase multiple colors in order to mismatch and reintroduce a "different" style characteristic.  I've seen this done before with Jeremy Scott's Adidas Wing sneakers and a few others, but really I'd seen this as a small child demonstrated by the infamous Punky Brewster.

My father then told me something that I had never known about his past.  Growing up in West Philadelphia, in the mid 1960's his high school basketball team had a tradition where the players would wear one white and one black Converse Chuck Taylor, in order to absolutely drive the opposing team's defense crazy!  I then became more curious because I had remembered him telling me a story about how he asked his mother to buy him a pair, since that was the team sneaker, and she refused because she thought the price was too high.  What I didn't know was that he decided to then get a job after school at Philadelphia's Levis Hot Dogs - - which at the time sold three things, Kosher hot dogs, fish cake sandwiches, and milkshakes.  He took the bus 50 blocks for ten cents and worked there from 5pm to 11pm for a whopping $1.25 an hour.  Luckily he also made tips, but really tips back then were maybe a few nickels!  He finally ended up purchasing his Chuck Taylors for $6 a pair, wore one white and one black sneaker, and proceeded to out perform and decimate his opponents on the court.

The message is simple.  Don't think this is new, because my father and his friends started this when kicks costs were in the single digits!  Swag with a purpose...