Footwear Design

From the summer of 2015 through the present my life and footwear have collided multiple times in different ways. From getting the chance to literally make my own pair of shoes from scratch in only three days, to randomly reselling a pair of rare Adidas for over $2000. The following shows little tidbits of what I’ve had an opportunity to take part in over the last few years.

The World Sneaker Championship 2018

In early 2018, I participated in the third ever World Sneaker Championship sponsored by Pensole Academy and Footlocker. The contest is simple, design a piece of footwear, submit it, and hope you make the top 64 and eventually end up as the winner. My entry did not place, however the amount of love I got for the design from complete strangers as well as contestants who have placed and won, was just amazing. It was a great experience and really pushed my ability to do something I had never tried before.

Sneaker Layout-edit.jpg

WSC2018 Submission

This is the completed, hand drawn, and colored entry for the World Sneaker Championship.

The design holds a lot of personal meaning and revolves around the theme of time, which has been a consistent theme the majority of my adult life.

The process

The images are above are just a few in the entire process leading to my finished design. Since the design had to be fully drawn by hand there were a lot of copies being made and techniques used that I had not implemented since my college years. Stressful, yet nostalgic.